Friday, April 20, 2007


Welcome! This is going to be A NEW creation! I have decided it was time Cub fans from across the globe can unite for a LIVE call in Radio Show across the globe! As a Cub fan living in Jersey, I tend to have a hard time talking about MY team, the Cubs!

Now thanks to technology I am creating a new INTERNET call in Radio show with Blogtalk Radio for Cubs fans to unite! It will be a show that will air roughly twice every week where we can talk about OUR team.. the Cubs! Hopefully we can celebrate a World Series together this season (Although that is wishful thinking). Some special guests may join us from time to time, but the show is ALL About your calls!

Join us for our first show! The date and time will be announced right here VERY soon! Email us to become a FEATURED PANELIST on the show at

I look forward to chatting with everybody on the air! Details will be posted soon!


Shaun "OMac" Daily said...

Welcome to

I am the host content consultant..formerly from Chicago now living in Vegas..and from the southside of Chicago..

Its about time the fans of teams start getting their own shows..


Shaun "OMac" Daily said...

If you add the BlogTalkRadio button and the player you can gain listeners from your archives.

My blog is

Anyway welcome and if you know other fans of other teams send them to BTR. Would be nice to have a White Sox show by the