Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BIG Developements!

So after a week of some technical difficulties on my end, (Thunderstorms two days.. knocked out my internet connection and thus I wasn't able to host my scheduled shows, and I do apologize!)

But there are some GREAT developments! Hopefully this show can begin to REALLY take off here on Blog Talk Radio.
  • We are now a featured show on Itunes for Blogtalk radio! You can click the button to subscribe right on the side. It's a GREAT feature because it gives you the chance to listen on your iPod whenever you have a chance.

  • We have been featured as well on

  • We have embedded the player here as well as on the host page at so you can just open the site and listen to our most recent show.
A LOT of big and GREAT things are happening to our show (as well as to the Cubs team on the field!).

I am hoping to find a good time of day to host the show. I'm toying with the late night or early morning idea. If midnight EST or 10 AM EST works better let me know. I Am flexible, but want to try to find a time that is convienant for everyone to listen.

Also PLEASE IM me whenever you would like! If I am on AIM PLEASE feel free to IM me. I had a listener IM me asking me the score of the Cubs game. That is great! I love hearing from everyone, but PLEASE feel free to contact me. The Screename on AOL Instant Messenger is Cubsradio315. You can email me as well at If you want I will read your thoughts on the air. (IF you want them private I will keep them private as well).

Also do not forget during live shows to call in! The number is 646-478-4580. PLEASE your calls are welcome. EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT A CUBS FAN! ALL LISTENERS ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO CALL!

Don't forget LIVE tomorrow with a show @ 10 AM EST! Your calls, IMS, and emails are appreciated!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Being A Cubs fan

I hope that Baseball fans and non-baseball fans alike can find this enjoyable to read to learn what kind of people Cub fans really are.

When you think of the Chicago Cubs, what are some things that come to mind to the ordinary person? Wrigley Field, or Harry Carray are usually the first things that are said.

But when you ask a Cubs fan, They probably will say Believe. (Or at least that's what i say). Being a Cubs fan is about learning a new way of life. Something that you can't learn anywhere else. We are probably the GREATEST group on EARTH.

Where do I begin about the Cubs? Well, how about a look at their history (Which any Cub fan can recite by heart). 1908, The Last time the Cubs won a WS (Ohh what I would give to have been alive that year!). Then we all know the story about the Curse of the Billy Goat. (For outsiders who want to learn about the Curse) However, the history of the Cubs while it hasn't been rich in wins and success (The Cubs haven't had back-to-back winning seasons since the Early 70's) However throughout it all the Cubs fans have stayed loyal.

The rollercoaster of a typical season follows the same path (for the past 96 years).. Start off the season on a high. They may not have the best players in baseball, but you Believe this is the year. By the All-Star break, you realize well, maybe there's next year. But in the rare case there's still some hope. If that hope lasts it will only be crushed later. And the Cubs seem to find different ways. 2003 was probably the most vivid memory i have of this. Where else are you going to be able to find a team that plays ball with the goat and then looses? 5 Outs away from the World Series? Maybe fate played a role that night. I dont know. Maybe God wants us to stay this devoted. I dont know. But that Day in 2003, was like no other. But no Cub fan would EVER trade it. Days like September 27, 2003 are days to tell your grandkids about and EVERY Cub Fan will cherish it despite the heartache that would follow later.

While other teams have won 26 championships, or had GREAT players and GREAT seasons the Cubs fans have stayed loyal. I ask somebody who is a fan of a team that has been able to find that success over the past ohh 96 years, would you honestly root for your team no matter what? I know a certain team that their fans may say they would love the team no matter what but I know DAMN WELL they wouldn't.

But what makes a Cub fan different? Of course Devotion is a GREAT factor in this. As I already said not many other fans would stay so loyal for so long to their team like that. Devotion according to the dictionary is: to give over or direct (as time, money, or effort) to a cause, enterprise, or activity. Which is true and that is true because every Cub fan has show it. How many of the fans have lived and died but never liked another team in their 99 year drought? They gave time, money and effort to the cause. From the purchasing of goods to show their pride or to see it live (in my case $170 just to watch them on TV), and effort of pulling and being brought down time and time again. But being devoted to their team was all that mattered.

But to show more importantly what makes a Cub Fan different, is probably by looking at some EXCEPTIONAL Cub Fans.. Like Harry Caray, or Ron Santo. Who were among the most. Which is LOVE of this team. Love of them through the good times and the bad times. Just listen to the voice of Ron Santo, a man who may never get to see the Cubs ever win the world series, listen to him when the Cubs Clinched in 2003. He was like a little child reborn despite all of his pain from his horrible battle with Diabetes, the pain was erased because of the love for team.

When the other owners go out and by the best in baseball the cubs make use of what they have. And the fans stand by them and hardly ever criticize. While we may go by the term of lovable losers, we don't like it, but are just glad to be loved. Hopefully we can be lovable winners.

Where else will fans turn out in the ballpark like they do ACROSS the country for the Cubs? Nobody else does. A cub fan believes in their team and does CRAZY things with their devotion. But most importantly a Cub Fan Believes..

Believes in the team, believes in the coaching staff, believes in the players. It's amazing how every year we say there's next year, but we mean it when we say it. That's how devoted we are to this cubs team. Always hoping next year will come and eventually it will come and it will change life as we know it. But until then we BELIEVE which is something that is like having a religion devoted to the cubs. Full of faith. And its not the easy religion to follow but our hearts are fully into it. Those little blue bracelets that so many of us wear are like a cross around our neck. We wouldn't go anywhere without it. I know if the Cubs don't win before I die, I will be buried with it. And anticipate many others to follow it.

What has being a Cub Fan done for me personally? It has taught me many things. I am PROUD to be a Cub fan. No matter who they may play on the field for a game or a season. I am proud to be a cub Fan in that I am able to learn things from this team that I wouldn't be able to learn anywhere else. Devotion, Believing and staying committed to a cause and never necessarily getting anything in return. Being a cub fan has taught me more inner values. From the Cubs I have learned about People. I have learned what really matters and that is having pride and class and loyalty. And those are lessons that nobody can ever learn. People say to me When you have kids will let them be a Cub Fan? I proudly say yes.. because while its not easy.. It's a Life lesson and its something that you can't get anywhere else on this earth. I am proud to be A Chicago Cub Fan. Because If there was a place in the dictionary for it'd say:

Chicago Cub Fan (adj.)-Devoted, Committed, Loyal. The Greatest Group of people on Earth.