Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BIG Developements!

So after a week of some technical difficulties on my end, (Thunderstorms two days.. knocked out my internet connection and thus I wasn't able to host my scheduled shows, and I do apologize!)

But there are some GREAT developments! Hopefully this show can begin to REALLY take off here on Blog Talk Radio.
  • We are now a featured show on Itunes for Blogtalk radio! You can click the button to subscribe right on the side. It's a GREAT feature because it gives you the chance to listen on your iPod whenever you have a chance.

  • We have been featured as well on

  • We have embedded the player here as well as on the host page at so you can just open the site and listen to our most recent show.
A LOT of big and GREAT things are happening to our show (as well as to the Cubs team on the field!).

I am hoping to find a good time of day to host the show. I'm toying with the late night or early morning idea. If midnight EST or 10 AM EST works better let me know. I Am flexible, but want to try to find a time that is convienant for everyone to listen.

Also PLEASE IM me whenever you would like! If I am on AIM PLEASE feel free to IM me. I had a listener IM me asking me the score of the Cubs game. That is great! I love hearing from everyone, but PLEASE feel free to contact me. The Screename on AOL Instant Messenger is Cubsradio315. You can email me as well at If you want I will read your thoughts on the air. (IF you want them private I will keep them private as well).

Also do not forget during live shows to call in! The number is 646-478-4580. PLEASE your calls are welcome. EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT A CUBS FAN! ALL LISTENERS ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO CALL!

Don't forget LIVE tomorrow with a show @ 10 AM EST! Your calls, IMS, and emails are appreciated!

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